Our statement regarding Viacom

We’re disappointed to see Viacom put you in the middle of these negotiations. We strive to give our customers more choice and value, and we want to keep Viacom’s channels like Nick, Nick Jr., BET, Comedy Central, and MTV in your channel lineup. We hope to avoid any interruption to the channels that some of you care about.

Here are the facts:

  • Several of Viacom’s channels are no longer popular.

  • Viacom’s channels in total have lost about 40% of their audience in the past six years.

  • Viacom is a repeat offender in these types of business negotiations and has repeatedly used these tactics with other distributors.

  • We care about our customers and we’ve always fought to get the best deal for you, delivering the content you want at a great value.

Our goal is always to deliver the content you want at a value that also makes sense to you. We've provided information on Viacom and how it impacts you so you can stay informed.

We’ll continue to fight for you!

Still have questions? Check here before you call.

Who is Viacom?

Viacom Inc. is a publicly traded company headquartered in New York City that owns and operates several national entertainment channels including Nick, Nick Jr., BET, Comedy Central, and MTV among others.

Is there a chance their channels will disappear from my lineup?

Viacom has threatened that their channels may not be available in the future via AT&T. Viacom has chosen to put you in the middle of their demands. We believe that you deserve better.

What channels could be affected?

Viacom has six Nickelodeon channels, six MTV channels, and five BET channels, as well as Comedy Central, Paramount Network, CMT and CMT Music, TV Land, Logo, VH1, and Spanish-language service Tr3s.

Why shouldn’t I just switch to another provider that offers these same channels?

Viacom has a history of threatening to create blackouts—temporarily cutting off supply—to boost the fees providers must pay just to get that content back. Viacom often behaves this way in its negotiations with distributors, with viewers caught in the middle, so switching providers doesn’t mean you’ll be protected from these blackouts. Millions of homes that subscribe to Charter Spectrum, DISH Network, CableOne, and others have either temporarily lost channels or been threatened before by Viacom about possibly losing those same channels.